Sunday, 21 February 2016


For career we need to check the 10th house in our birth chart and the D 10 chart. Apart from these we also need to check other houses- 2nd house, 7th house, 6th house and 11th house. We also need to consider Sun and Saturn condition and placement of both in D1 and D10 chart.
I have already discussed about importance of 10th house and D10 chart for career. So let’s discuss why we need to check other houses.
2nd house: is the house of money and savings. It representsways from which we will save money. Generally we save money by our income through our job or business. So 2nd house has to be considered to analyze the savings of a person.
6th house: its house of service what kind of service you will do for to get Income, likesomeone does service through their Communication, someone heals the patient (we can say doctors) so what kind of service you will do to sustain in this life.
7thhouse: As K.N.Rao said “Seventh house is position giver” Seventh house is 10th from the 10thhouse (bavath bavam concept).and also its houseof Business and legal partnership. Business also comes under one of the career option.
 10thhouse: It represents our status in society through our career. It shows whether we are respected in our society or not.
11th house has to be considered for career as this house represents our income. It is about our career as it signifies our fixed and general income i.e. liquid cash. So it also represents our salary per month. It is 2nd from the 1oth house of career. So how much money we can make through our career is seen from this house.11th house is also called Labhasthana (house of gains and profit). For Businessmen, profits and gains are very important.
Apart from these houses we need to check the condition of Sun, Saturn and Mercury. As Mercury is the business planet and Sun and Saturn represents government and private jobs.
We also need to check the D10 chart and I have already written an article on that. So check that out in order have an insight and idea about career and profession


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