Friday, 2 October 2015

MARRIAGE LIFE-explination with an example chart

When we want to discuss about marriage life it’s is important to see planetssitting and aspecting 7th house and where 7thlord is placed in birth chart and then we need to analyze deeply d9 (navasma) chart. 

RASHI CHART ANALYSIS: In native’s chart above 7th lord is Saturn and is very well placed in 6thhouse (upchaya house) and we know 7th lord placement in 6th house indicates Divorce and Separation but in this case its different it won’t gives any bad results in married life and will gives good results because Saturn is placed in its own sign i.eCapricorn and another important reason is generally Saturn gives good results in upchaya houses i.e. 3,6,10 and 11th house.
Now let’s discuss which planets aspects and placed in 7th house , Planet Jupiter is aspecting the 7th house ,Generally Jupiter  blesses the house where it aspects and where it sits so in the  native’s chart Jupiter is blessing  the 7th house indicating good married life.
Now let’s discuss planets sitting in 7th house: 12th lord in 7th house is not goodas Moon rules 12th house But Moon is aspected by Jupiter so it nullify the illness of it.

NAVASMA ANALYSIS: In D9 chart when you want to analyze marriage you need to observe 1stand 7th houses conditions.In native’schart d9’s ascendant is Scorpion and its lord is well placed in its own sign. Here Mars is not only 1stlord and also 6thlord it means after marriage, wife will take care of his health issues. She will be like a healer why because  in Navamsha chart Mars is in the 1st house who is 6th lord( represents health ) and 1st lord ,your health depends upon not only 6th house and 1st house also , as 1st house is your body if 1st lord is not well placed then the person will have unhealthy body and due to  1st lord  itself in the 1st house means the girl will be having good health girl will always be functional about health and about beauty (because 1st house is body and physical beauty) and girl will be good looking .for example : if  native gets fever then his wife will take care like anything she will be take care of all these things like a healerwhether she will be a doctor or not. Scorpio ascendant Mars in 1st house means the person will be having a courage to overcome the problem and if native has got any problem wife will encourage him to overcome the problem. 1st lord in the 1st house means person will be down to earth and have self -respect and gets respect from the society.
Now we will discuss about the 7th house of d9 chart. There is no planet in the 7th house, Mars is aspecting the 7th house is also good because Mars is sitting in a friendly sign and aspecting 7th house is good.
now we will discuss about 7th lord, 7th lord placed in 4th house in a Aquarius sign and ruler of this sign is Saturn which is a slow moving planet, wife will be slow and steady person and take decisions slowly, Venus the lord of 7th house is combined with the lord of 10th house,so the girl will be very career oriented and Jupiter is aspecting the 7th lord Venus.