Monday, 28 July 2014


Generally 7th house is the most important house for marriage but there are other houses also which are important to know more things about your marriage life in detailed or precise way.
1sthouse(Self): 1st house is ‘7th from 7th house’ (Bavathbavam concept),so its important house for marriage. 1st house represents your body, how you look, whether you are healthy or not,strengths etc.When you will marry someone definitely these things are very important along with your career. So 1sthousetoo plays a very important role in your marriage life.
2nd house(family house): ”Marriage brings changes in to your family”. Family is represented by 2nd house in vedic astrology.After marriage women move to husband’s house and enter in to new family and hence after marriage women get changes inher family. Similarly for men, wife becomes the part of his family and hence marriage brings changes to his family.
5th house(love and romance in marriage life,kids):Marriage is for lot of purpose among those kids is one of the important purpose. Love, affections, romance etc. between wife and husband  is also controlled by 5th house thus  making it an important house as well.
7th house(legal bondage, general house for marriage): General house for marriage from which married life is predicted.
8th house:8th house represents In-laws family, sexuallife, longevity of spouse etc. matters which are again very important part to marriage. In India  generally for female  In-laws  relationship is important especially  due to joint family culture which still exist in some parts of India .Even if 7th house is good,but 8th house is bad then  there might  be problems in marriage life.
12th house: Bed pleasures,spouse’s  pastaffair  and whether  spouse was already married or not can be predicted.
So these are the important houses for marriage after 7th house.

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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Prediction on upcoming No1 Super star Bollywood

Hritik Roshan will be No1 super star in coming days(2014 mid on wards ),Bang Bang & Mohenjo-daro films will be super hit Amitabh, sharukh, salman, aamir for past and present generation no 1 actors .but upcoming No1 will be Hritik

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Monday, 14 July 2014

Death and Astrology:

In Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra, Parasara told that the death can be predicted from the eighth house as well as third house. Can you guess why did he use third house for predicting death? What is the logic behind it?
It is because its 8th from 8th house(bavath bavam or house to house concept). Using these houses and their lords, we can find out longevity of any person. Also, twelfth house is house of loss, loss of anything, even ourselves because twelfth from any house is the loss of that house therefore, it is twelfth from first house(own). Twelfth from eighth and third are seventh and second respectively. And therefore, these are very important death karaka (death inflict) houses. For example if any planet is placed in seventh house or ruling seventh house, whenever its dasa or sub dasa comes, it can cause death to the native, if the native is having less life span. Rahu in twelfth house can also cause death in its dasa. Primarily, we have to study whether the person having long, medium or short life span. We can analyze this from eighth and third house. If the life span of the native comes out to be short then seventh or second lord’s mahadasha or antar dasha can cause death to the native.

Note: Predicting death is against the astrologer’s ethics. These are called Daivaajna rules. Astrologer should behave like Daivaajna otherwise it can negatively impact his predictions. This rule is among the ten Daivaajna rules which is of very high importance.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014


Yes moon is most important planet in astrology why because it represents basic and very important things in our life such as Mother,Mind,Emotions,feelings,affections,water,peace of mind.
1.Moon represents mother, mother is the very important person for any human being who gives unconditional and infinite love to us..........  Sun represents father,moon represents mother, venus represents wife,jupiter represents husband ,mars represents sibblings, if u observe among all The most important relationship is mother when compare with others Which is represented by moon.
2. Moon indicates Mind,  some astrologers says thats sun is the most imporant planet in astrology as its king of all the planets and it represents soul  but as we know that soul cant operate any task for us, our mind itself doing all activities it’s like the President of  Indian govt system it doesn’t hold any as important power  but he is considered  to be very important leader of the president soul also,so when compare with sun moon is the imporant planet.
Mind is an operating system every sytem of our body and our act and every thing depends upon it only.soul don’t operates,  soul is important but it can’t operate ,it’s controled by mind ... it is just that only,we cant feel our soul,means soul is like chess king who have no high powers but it is most important in chess game.... now u r readings and understanding my articles  means ur mind is doing this activity not ur soul    like president  do nothing,  soul and president are same. If Moon is affected means you will take bad decision and implement those and get bad results in ur life because moon represents  mind .
3.If u observe the concept called “ soul- body- mind” after our death soul again takes new body and mind and get the life based on our past life deeds. Here deeds are depends upon our beautiful mind only .so again moon playing very important role.
4.Moon represents feelings,emotions.This world is about feelings  If you eat a sweet having no tongue sensation in your mouth then how come u will enjoy the sweet. Without tongue you cannot feel something As without Moon you can't understand feelings of this world.and moon represents emotions,some people they are emotionally imbalanced ,they are always suffer with these unnecessary emotions towards some one who are useless.for these kind of people moon must be badly placed with rahu or saturn,most of the saturn and moon combination gives sadness, emotional imbalanced mind.
5. Moon represents cool nature  such as person who are calm, silent  ,non violent .Cool nature is important than fire nature for any human being as like Gandhi (father of nation for indian who is freedom fighter with non violence)not like Hitler who have all fire nature.,u put calmness on my anger as like  as putting water on fire,we cannot end a fire by another fire we can end it up only by water. calmness is sign of water
6.Moon is a political planet too, because observe a successful politician need patience and innovative ideas to implement and manage the particular society, generally moon represents your native place, politician need good vote bank from his native place only for that in his chart moon and 4th house should be strong.

7.Moon represent water, milk etc, without water how human beings survey? Water is playing vital role in this earth planet.

moon  and venus are the planets which represents beauty, women clothes, cool things, Artist should have blessed with not only venus and also Moon which is karaka of Creativity. Without creative ability no artist get fame.

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