Friday, 6 June 2014

The Significator Destroy The House(Karaka bava nasaya)

The word Karaka means a 'significator' or a planet which represents particular things of human life such as marriage or children or job etc. For ex: Venus is karaka for marriage.Bhava means house 
and Nashya means destroyer.
In order to understand the implications of this concept, I researched alot. During my research, this concept has almost failed in some particular cases. I would like to share few instances. I studied a person’s chart.  I saw Jupiter in 5th house and found the person blessed with good children. However, for Venus in 7th house, this concept is applicable in few cases.
For more comprehensive view,  read below my detailed research report on this principle:
1.  Sun and 10th house, both are karaka for job. So, according to this rule if sun is placed in 10th house then the native won’t enjoy good professional life. But it’s not true! The reason is according to Shad bala concept, sun gets digbala (directional strength) when it’s placed in 10th house. It means sun is very powerful when it’s placed in 10th house. The native will enjoy respective career life. So this rule failed here.
2. Jupiter is the karaka of the 2nd, 5th, 10th and the 11th house. So when Jupiter is placed in any of these houses, then according to this rule, it will destroy the house related matters. For instance if Jupiter is placed in 2nd house then it will spoil the wealth, family matters of an individual. But, according to me, this is untrue. In my experience, I have seen lot of people who are born with Jupiter in 2nd house, enjoying good wealth and family. Wherever Jupiter is placed, it will bring positive strength to that house expect some cases.
3. Mars is the karaka of the 3rd and the 6th house. So when Mars is placed in 3rd house, it will destroy your siblings, courage etc because 3rd house represents siblings and courage. But, I have come across the people whose 3rd house has Mars but they still have good relationships and are brave.
4. Venus and 7th house both are karaka for marriage. So when Venus is placed in 7th house, it must give bad results in married life. For very few cases but not all, this rule works. To prove my point, I would like to share one of my case studies.  I came across a boy born in cancer ascendant with Venus in 7th house. This boy suffered in his marriage life and got divorced. The reason was that Venus was destroying 7th house related things as per the principle of "Karako Bhavo Nashaya".
I would like to conclude that "Karako Bhavo Nashaya" does not work for all cases such as Jupiter in 5th house will not spoil the 5th bava. I have experienced this in many cases. With the exception of few cases such as Venus in 7th house, this rule is not applicable for most of the cases.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

BAVATH BAVAM(house to house concept in astrology)

Bavath Bavam(house from the house) is one of the important principle  in Astrology . It can provide us with the precise and accurate analysis on any particular house. It means you are required to count the SAME NUMBER OF HOUSES from any house. Some learners misunderstand the concept of Bavath Bavam and use it incorrectly by counting Different number of houses from any house.

In order to understand the correct method of using Bavath Bavam, consider an example. If you want to know about children’s prospects,  then generally  we analyze  5th house which is the house of children but when you need to have a more detailed analysis,  then you need to see 9th house because it is 5th from the 5th house  (observe here carefully, we are  counting  same house number from 5th house). Likewise, for any house you count the same number. So, 9th house is another house for children, in case you want to know more details about children. Remember that it is your children’s children house too.

The following are few more instances that will provide you more comprehensive view on this topic:
       3rd house is Bavath Bavam for the 8th house  as it is  8th from the 8th house .So  if you want to   know about your 8th house related things such as longevity in a detailed manner then you need to     analyze  3rd house too for it’s being 8th from the 8th house .

2.      5th house is Bavath Bavam for the 3rd house  as it is 3rd  from the 3rd  house .So  if you want to know about your  3rd  house related things such as creative expressions, acting, media  in a detailed manner then you need to analyze  5th house too for it’s being 3rd  from 3rd  house. At the same time, 5th house is 9th from 9th too. So if you want to know about your 9th house related things such as your guru’s teachings, your religion, belief system etc in a detailed manner, then you need to analyze 5th house too.

3.     11th house is Bavath Bavam for the 6th house as it is 6th from 6th house. 6th house is generally for break up in relationships and it is house of divorce. So if you want to have a more detailed view about breakup then you need to look at 11th house. 11th house can be seen to know about divorce too. Rishi Jaimini said, “Tannau Tan Dand Hara” - which literally means - if the first from the first is first itself then 6th from the 6th is Hara. As we all know, 6th house is Danda [punishment] and 6th from the 6th is the 11th house itself! So, 11th house is also Hara! Similarly you need to look at the 11th house from any house of a chart
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