Monday, 1 June 2015


In this articles I am going to teach how to read your career through an example
Details of the native: Male
Rashi chart: Asc: Leo, Sun:Scropio , Moon :Aquarius ,Mars:ScropioMercury(Retrogade):ScropioJupiter:Leo,Venus:Libra,Saturn:Capricorn ,Rahu: saggitarius ,Ketu:Gemini.
Dasamsa(d10):Asc: Aries, Sun:Pisces , Moon :Aries ,Mars: saggitarius, Mercury:Saggettirius , Jupiter:Aqurius, Venus:Aqurius, Saturn: saggitarius , Rahu :Taurus ,Ketu:Scropio

Let’s discuss above native’s D1 chart to judge  thecareer ,generally we know that the 10th house is the house of career…so here is the my study on his 10th house
10th lord is placed in the 3rd house.. House of Communication.
10th house having the aspect of Sun,Mercury and Mars
Mercury is the 2ndlord ,Aspecting the 10th house
2nd lord is the house of Communication and 10th house lord is placed in 3rd house which is the house of Communication..
So this person will do a job related to communication and speech.
Mars is the 4th lord aspecting the 10th house. Person will be in real estate also  part-time or full-time.
Now we got some clues about his Profession from only D1 chart which is not enough at all, we also need to observe D10 chart deeply before we  concludeon the native’s career
So let’s discuss D10 chart
In D10 chart we want to know the conditions of the 1stand 10thhouse  to know about the person’s Profession.
1st house having the moon which is the lord of 4th house and also Moon is in the friendly sign which is good it will give real estate kind of business as 4th house represents real estate.
Now we have to check the placement of the 1st lord also, 1st house lord mars is placed in the 9th house with combination of 3rd house lord mercury  both 3rd house and mercury representscommunication,so double times we got clue of communication in the profession.
9th house means travelling . Long distance travelling.
So this person might be travelling for Business purpose.
Now see the 10th house condition…
10th house having any aspect?..... No…...10th house having no aspect…
10th house lord is combined with the mars in the 9th house. Mars is the karka for land and real estate.
So the person will be in real estate also.
Combination of Mars with Saturn .. So person will be in construction business also.

Conclusion :
The persons  will be in  multiple Professions.
He will be in to real estate or communication business.
In birth chart…
Mars the lord of 4th house is in the 4th house andaspecting the 10th house…
In D10 chart..
The 1st lord Mars and 10th lord Saturn combined with Mercury karka for speech so he will be in Communication Business
And also Mars  ishaving the connection with the 10th lord Saturn.
And also Moon the lord of 4th house is in the 1st house.