Tuesday, 26 January 2016


Neechabhanga means cancellation of debilitation. This is a combination of two words – neecha, meaning "debilitated", and bhanga means “nullified". Meaning if any planet in your chart is debilitated then it would become nullified or there will be cancellation of that debilitation due to some other planets effect. Let’s discuss when Neecha bhanga happens, below are the important cases wheredebilitated planet will get nullify or you can say neecha bhanga.
1. When a debilitated planet combines with exalted planet.
For example, for Pisces ascendant if Mars is debilitated in Cancer and if Jupiter is also placed therethen Neecha bhanga occurs.
2. When dispositor of debilitated planet gets exalted then Neecha bhanga occurs. For example, if Moon is debilitated in Scorpio and Mars is exalted in Capricorn then Neecha bhanga happens.
3.Neecha bhanga will occur when dispositor of debilitated (neecha) planet is in Kendra (quadrant) or kona (trine) from ascendant. For example, if Sun is in Libra and isdebilitated but the dispositor of Sun is Venus, if Venus is posited in 5th house from ascendant.
4. When the dispositor of debilitated planet is desposited along with the debilitated planet in the same house.For example, if both Sun and Venus are combined in Libra then NeechaBhanga occurs.

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