Saturday, 18 July 2015


 Let us discuss What is meant by UbhayaKendradhipatiDosha. Ubhaya is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘Both’ or ‘Dual’ or ‘Two’ and ‘Kendradhipati’ means the ‘Lord of Quadrant Houses(i.e. 1st,4th,7th  and 10th house). This Dosha is applicable only for four ascendant signs- Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. All these four signs are dual signs.
For Gemini Ascendant, Jupiter is the lord of 7th house and 10th house and for Virgo Ascendant, Jupiter is lord of 4th house and 7thhouse.Hence Jupiter is getting  UbhayaKendradhipatiDosha. Again, for Sagittarius ascendant, Mercury is lord of 7th house and 10th house and for Pisces ascendant,Mercury is 4th lord and 7th lord.Hence Mercury is getting  UbhayaKendradhipatiDosha.
But why does it creates a Dosha then?? It creates a Dosha because When a natural benefic rules  quadrant(Kendra) houses then it behaves as a malefic resulting in KendradhipatiDosha. Hence Jupiter wont give quite benefic results for Gemini and Virgo ascendant. Likewise, Mercury would not give good results for Sagittarius and Pisces ascendant natives.
For Gemini or Virgo ascendant, the best position for Jupiter is theUpchaya houses i.e. 3rd,6th,10th and 11th house and when its deposition in the Kendra houses  is not a good position.
Same goes for Pisces and Sagittarius ascendant, the best position for Mercuryis theUpchaya houses i.e. 3rd,6th,10th and 11th house and the Kendra houses are not a good position for mercury.
The reason behind all these is that Kendra lord doesn’t feels comfortable in Kendra house and when it sits in own house then it doesn’t gives good results.
Example , For Virgo ascendant Jupiter ruling 4th house and sitting in 4th house doesn’t yields good result.(Don’t confuse this with Dasha period results based on my above statement. Here, we are talking about the planet’s condition in one’s birth chart).
For Gemini ascendant, if Jupiter is in 2nd house in Cancer then one may think that it is quite beneficial as the 7th lord is getting exalted in 2nd house of family and income. But in case,it would give trouble in married life. Again, it depends on the Ascendant Lord position too. But in my experience , these natives generally suffer in their married life.
But keep in mind that this Dosha is applicable for Mercury and Jupiter only. Hence this is my analysis of UbhayaKendradhipatiDosha and we need to check other planetary conditions too before jumping on to any conclusion and going haywire about this Dosha in your chart.As we cant predict everything just based on one planetary position and condition.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015


Bhavat Bhavam can be explained with 2 concepts:
The first concept is more important. In this concept, we count exact number of houses from any house to analyze its situation. For example, If we want to know about 4th house then we can see 4th from 4th house i.e. 7th house. Like, to analyze the condition of 2nd house, we need to look at 3rd house as it is 2nd from 2nd house. Another example: The 7th house is house of our spouse and marriage. Hence we also need to look at 1st house (7th from 7th house)  in order to see the kind of partner we would attract, then we also need to consider our 1st house qualities i.e. our looks, physic, general intelligence, common sense etc.
The second concept is: in order to judge the condition of any house we consider that house as 1st house and then look at other house from it. For example: As 4th house is our home i.e. the place we stay and relax, our furniture, vehicles. Hence it is resting place for our physical body.
Similarly 11th house is house of our earning. So 4th from 11th house is the place where we store our assets and money i.e. bank accounts, safe etc. Second house is the wealth and assets we store and also what we receive from our family, and 11th house is money earned through our own efforts.