Friday, 1 May 2015

Know more details about your Life through Pak Lagna

Pak Lagna is the house where the ascendant lord is placed in a chart. That house becomes ones Pak Lagna and a lot of things can be analyzed through Pak Lagna in one’s chart.
For Example, if you have Aquarius as your ascendant and Saturn being your ascendant lord is placed in Sagittarius. Then Sagittarius is your Pak Lagna. Then we can analyze the whole chart making Sagittarius as your first house.  This will allow us to get more details about a person.
Like the planets in the 7th house from Pak Lagna will give an insight into how one’s public life and married life would be. We also need to check the condition of the depositor of Pak Lagna. As in the above example Sagittarius is the Pak Lagna, as the Ascendant Lord Saturn is placed inSagittarius.
Again Jupiter-the lord of Pak Lagna is also the lord of 2nd house and 11th house(for Aquarius ascendant) and suppose its placed in 5th house(from the ascendant)  aspecting the 1st Lord Saturn and hence blessing it. So the person will be have overalla good life.
Again Jupiter being placed in Gemini is in the 7th house from the Pak Lagna Sagittarius. So the person will be communicative. But if Jupiter is exalted in Cancer then this makes the person very sensitive and emotional.
In order to analyze the intelligence of a person we check the 5th house. So 5th from the Pak Lagna is Aries and if Mars is placed in 11th from Pak Lagna i.e. in Libra. Then the person will be interested in money matters, gaining profits and worldly matters.
Thus analyzing your chart with respect to your Pak Lagna gives more insight about you and your life just as we check your chart from moon sign and sun sign to get different perspective about our chart.