Saturday, 20 October 2012

2012 will not be end of this World:

According to vedic(Indian) almanac ( calander of future days from starting of this world) says that there are"155521972949111" years are there for Earth's longevity and human generation willl be also continue as same like that up to "155521972949111" Years. After the end of these years only no one alive all people will die Now we are in 197,29,49,112’th year That is 2012 (According to Indian almanac) Actually North American Almanac writers  just wrote the future calander up to 2012 only, But they did not mentioned 2012 will be end of this world ,We people only just imagining that 2012 will be end of this world.So its not true.All Prominent Astrologers saying  after 2012 there will be billion of  years  2012 will not be end of this world .Lot of people asking me about this concept whether 2012 will end of this world or not Becuse of TV channels  programmes  about this waste cocept  only people are wasting time and discussing about this concept.
 so my sugetion to all to dont think more abt this topic just enjoy every moment of life be happy