Monday, 14 July 2014

Death and Astrology:

In Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra, Parasara told that the death can be predicted from the eighth house as well as third house. Can you guess why did he use third house for predicting death? What is the logic behind it?
It is because its 8th from 8th house(bavath bavam or house to house concept). Using these houses and their lords, we can find out longevity of any person. Also, twelfth house is house of loss, loss of anything, even ourselves because twelfth from any house is the loss of that house therefore, it is twelfth from first house(own). Twelfth from eighth and third are seventh and second respectively. And therefore, these are very important death karaka (death inflict) houses. For example if any planet is placed in seventh house or ruling seventh house, whenever its dasa or sub dasa comes, it can cause death to the native, if the native is having less life span. Rahu in twelfth house can also cause death in its dasa. Primarily, we have to study whether the person having long, medium or short life span. We can analyze this from eighth and third house. If the life span of the native comes out to be short then seventh or second lord’s mahadasha or antar dasha can cause death to the native.

Note: Predicting death is against the astrologer’s ethics. These are called Daivaajna rules. Astrologer should behave like Daivaajna otherwise it can negatively impact his predictions. This rule is among the ten Daivaajna rules which is of very high importance.

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