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As per the classical definition, this Yoga is formed when there are no planets on both sides of the Moon i.e. in the 2nd and in the 12th house from the house/sign in which the Moon is.It is said that the person born with this yoga will be sorrowful and live in poverty.But this is not true

Well, we consider the 2nd, 11thand 12th house in order to check whether a person will live in poverty or not. As 2nd house signifies wealth, fixed assets and family property, the 11th house signifies earning, income i.e. liquid money and 12th house signifies expenditure and wastage of money.This is the reason when no planet is in 2nd 12th from Moon then person will suffer poverty.But this is not true.

In fact I have seen people with Kemadruma Yoga being born in a rich family and even getting richer through their efforts.Some born in middle class family but they became rich also .So Kemadruma dosh is not a bad yoga or dosh

Some Astrologers say that such person will live alone or will suffer from depressionetc. Againit’s not true because for mindset we should observe 5th house of mental balance and intelligence (Buddhi).If you are suffering from depression then check 5th, 8thhouses, Saturn and Moon condition in your chart.

So don’t worry if you have this Yoga in your chart. You need to consider many other factors too.

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