Tuesday, 31 May 2016

SUN: know more about planet sun

Sun is our soul and represents relationship with native’s Father
We also need to check an individual’s chart from considering the house where Sun is deposited to be ascendant.
Sun represents our luck and success. Based on Sun’s position we can analyze whether the native will be successful or not. Sun also represents the Government as it denotes Kings, rulers and royalty. It represents politics and politicians as in a democratic government we choose politicians as our leaders.
Sun gives sharp brain and decision making capabilities. It shows ones Management Skills, higher authorities and huge tasks.
Sun represents Government Job in a high authoritative position like IPS, IIS and alike respectful and powerful positions. Good 10th house will boost ones pride and career.
Sun represents our heart and will power, vitality and persistence. It represents our health, bones, resistance power and eye sight.
Sun represents east direction and it gets Digbala (directional strength) in 10th house.

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