Monday, 1 February 2016


When Moon and Mars are conjunct together in a house then this Yoga is formed which makesthe person very smart , brainyand intellectual. They have a very logical mind. When this Yoga occurs in a friendly sign to both the planets (moon and mars) then the individual emotions are well balanced and is quite logical.
To check whether you have this yoga in your chart we need to consider two points:
Firstly, the Ascendant of the native is to be observed and secondly, the house and sign in which this Yoga occurs. 
For example if this Yoga occurs for Aries Ascendant then it confers beneficial results as Mars is ruler of the 1st house and Moon is the ruler of the 4th house which is the house of our general happiness. So combination of 1st and 4th lord will be beneficial.
For Virgo Ascendant,Moon rules 11th house which is the house of earning and Mars is the ruler of 8th house which is the house of ups and downs hence this Yoga won’t be beneficial for them.This Yoga would not give good results in general  for this ascendant ,but if in case this combination happened in Leo then we can say that person can get good results as Mars being 8th lord well placed in 12th house( because of Viparitha Raja Yoga which I already explained in previous article)
Let’s discuss about the house and sign placement
 For example,for Aries Ascendant this combination occurs in the 8th house in the sign of Scorpio then it would give bad results as Moon would be debilitated here. So there is No Chandra Mangal Yoga in this case.
Let’s say Cancer Ascendant, if this yoga is formed in the 10th house in Aries sign then it is one of the best combination. It would confer the native with positive results. The person would be Logical and interested in mathematics. The native will have good mathematical skills.Hence this Yoga would be very beneficial.
Conclusion:All these above cases explained are general, we need to see Mars and Moon position in d9chart, degrees as well tojudge this combination.You can find this combination in many charts but all individuals will not enjoy the good results, at the same time each individual get different kind of good results, so my advice is without seeing this combination deeply don’t judge.


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