Friday, 27 March 2015

Saturn and Moon Conjunction

Saturn and Moon Conjunction is not considered good in Astrology. Moon signifies our mindand is a gentle and calm planet and Saturn signifies delays, dullness and discipline. So when this combination occurs then our mind gets prone to Depression.Such people get depressed easily and sometimes also without any reason. This combination makes people fall in illusions formed by their own mind. The Moon signifies our emotional balance, love life and Saturn is a strict and disciplined planet which strives towards perfection.  So people with this combination have excessive feelings and emotions and have no patience. They easily fall for wrong people and later end up feeling Depressed. These people  suffer from mental imbalance. If these people have break up in their relationship ,they have suicidal thoughts and depression.
But this combination can also be good or beneficial for some people. Like for Cancer Ascendant, if Moon and Saturn combines in 4th house then the person won’t have depression. As per Digbala concept, Moon and Venus get Digbala (Directional Strength) in 4th house. Here Saturn gets exalted and Moon also is having good placement here. So such person will be more romantic and can also be of flirtatious nature.
 Again for Pisces Ascendant, Saturn is 12th lord and Moon is 5th lord. 12th house is about loss and 5th house is love and romance. And sinceMoon also represents love and romance and is also 5thhouse lord for Pisces Ascendant. Hence Saturn and Moon combination can lead to break up in love relationship.
Hence this combination can give different results for different Houses and signs for different Ascendants.

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