Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Badhaka Planets:

Let us discuss in this Article ,what do we mean by Badhaka planets and what are its effect on a person’s chart.
First of all, what are Badhaka planets?? Well, Badhaka planets are planets which bring obstacles, sorrows, miseries and problems in a person’s life. Badhaka planets depend on each ascendant. There are three kind of signs-movable,fixed and dual.
For movable signs-Aries,Cancer,Libra and Capricorn ,The lord of 11th house is the Badhaka planet.
·                Aries-Saturn
·               Cancer-Venus
·               Libra-Sun
·               Capricorn-Mars
For Fixed signs- Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, the ruler of 9th house is Badhaka.
·               Taurus-Saturn
·                Leo-Mars
·                Scorpio-Moon
·                Aquarius-Moon
For Dual signs-Gemini, Virgo, Pisces and Sagittarius,the ruler of 7th house is Badhaka.
·                  Gemini-Jupiter
·                  Virgo-Jupiter
·                   Sagittarius-Mercury
·                    Pisces-Mercury
If we observe this rule carefully forFixed signs,the lord of 9th house is the Badhaka but 9th house is the most powerful Trine house which confers good result. So how can it be malefic? For Taurus ascendant,9th lord is Saturn and Saturn is benefic for them.Again for Leo,Mars is yoga karaka hence it can’t be a Badhaka planet. Similarly for Aquarius,Venus is Yoga Karaka and hence it can’t be malefic. So this concept fails due to contradiction and is not applicable for fixed signs.
In case of Dual signs, the 7th lord is Badhaka and we have already discussed this in UbhayaKendradhipatiDosha that 7th lord behaves as malefic for the dual signs. Hence this concept is applicable for dual signs.
For movable sign, this concept is applicable for few ascendants and not for some.
Say for Aries ascendant,Saturn is the lord of the 11th house but it is also lord of 10th house. As per rule, whena natural malefic rules a Kendra house then it behaves as a benefic.So this concept is not applicable for Aries.
For Cancer ascendant  Venus rules 4th house which is Kendra house ,generally whenever a natural benefic rules Kendra (quadrant) then it will behave like a malefic and that is the reason Venus is 2nd most evil planet for Cancer so in the case of cancer its applicable.
Hence in my opinion Badhaka Planet concept is not very important to judge how good or bad a planet will be.As this concept is applicable only for few ascendants like for dual signs and some movable signs and fails for fixed signs completely.


  1. Good and a helpful article.. Keep it up!! Ur readings have always helped me Sir..

  2. But Badhaka planet in a Trine is exempted from malefc effects e.g. Jupiter for Gemini Ascendant, prima facie is told to be also having kendra-dhipathi Dosha, besides being Badhaka for Gemini. But if placed in trine house especially 9 the house can prove beneficial provided it is I. Good dignity