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Marriage is a legal bonding between two persons and but sometimes marriages end up in divorce. Well, the house that indicates divorce is  6th house. The reason is that  6th house is 12th from  7th house ,and 12th from any house signifies loss and damage to that house. 7th house is indicator of relationship and spouse and therefore 6th house signifies loss and damage to relationship. Hence 6th house indicates divorce.
 Apart from that 11th house is also very important to check whether a person will have divorce or not as 11th house is 6th from 6th house(Bhavat Bhavam concept). 11th house is the house of multiplicity of factors like relationship, source of income or any kind of amplification. People influenced by 11th house want anything related to it in multiple ways and forms. 
For ex: Mercury in 11th house indicates multiple business as mercury is the business minded. Again Saturn in 11th house indicates multiple gains through hard work and effort.
Again,If 7th lord is in 11th house then it can also indicate that the person needs multiple relationships. May be breaking one marriage and then going for next or the person may have multiple relationships and affairs before marriage.
For instance, for Scorpio ascendant, Venus is the 7th lord and when placed in 11th house of virgo then it gets debilitated there and indicates problems in married life.
When these two houses influence the seventh house in a negative way then it can lead to divorce.
Again, we need to see planets placed in 7th house in natal chart. When 7th house is afflicted by nodes i.e. Rahu and Ketu then it mostly indicates dissolution of marital bond. Some say Saturn in 7th house also leads to divorce but that is not the case always. Rather Saturn  delays the marriage as Saturn makes a person slow and steady in choice of partner/spouse. Saturn delays the marriage the native is in search of  a nice  partner. In fact Saturn makes the relationship long lasting and sustainable. Mars or Sun in 7th house leads to break up in marriage in some cases. As Sun is ego and Sun being present in 7th house shows too much of ego problem with spouse. Again, Jupiter in 7th house is also not considered good for marriage.
Well the above points are quite general ones. These factors alone are not enough to say whether a person will have divorce or not. We need to analyze the Navamsha/D9 chart, nakshatras etc. and go through the overall condition of the chart. So don’t just panic if you see any of the above points in your chart as many more things need to be analyzed for a final say.

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