Friday, 6 March 2015

GajKesari Yoga(Jupiter-Moon Yoga)

When Jupiter is in Kendra from Moon which means when Jupiter is in house number  1, 4, 7 or 10th  from Moon, a GajKesari Yog is said to be formed in the horoscope which can bless the native with great fame, great skills, success, wealth and many other auspicious  things. .
In my experience I observe that When Jupiter is placed in 4th house from moon then it is not a perfect Gajkesari Yoga as in such case Jupiter doesn’t aspects moon. But when Jupiter and Moon are in 1st and 7th house i.e they mutually aspect each other then it forms a perfect GajKesari Yoga.
Again we need to consider two points to analyse how beneficial this yoga would be.
Firstly, the Ascendant of the native is to be observed and secondly, the house and sign in which this Yoga occurs.  Lets discuss deeply with some examples
For Leo Ascendant, Jupiter is the 5th lord and moon is the 12th lord. Hence generally moon and Jupiter combination and mutual aspect wont be good as 5thhouse is Purva Punya Bhava(benefic houses) and 12th House is also considered Purva Paap Bhaav(malefic houses). Hence it wont be favourable.
 For Aquarius ascendant, Both Jupiter and moon are good for them. Jupiter  rules 11th  and moon rules 6th house both are Upachaya houses so for aqurius ascendant this yoga will give  positive results to the native.Jupiter is most important planet for Aquarians in terms of wealth as it rules both 2nd house and 11th house. 2nd house is for Fixed income and 11th house is for Liquid income.Jupiter being Karaka of wealth too when combines with 6th lord moon which is a friendly planet, it will be benefic in some cases. The native may never be in debt in his/her life.
Lets discuss which house and sign placement in which this Yoga occurs. As we discussed above that for Aquarius ascendant this Yoga would be beneficial but if these two planets conjoins in the sign of Gemini then it wouldn’t be so great. As both Jupiter and Moon are not comfortable in the sign of Gemini because Jupiter is a divine planet and a silent planet(As Jupiter represents  Gurus orMasters or Preachers don’t keep on talking unnecessarily all the time, they speak only when needed) and Gemini is all about and communication ,wordly things and being social. Again moon is too a calm planet which is not a attribute of Gemini.Gemini is talkative and deals with business matter. Hence it is not a great sign for Jupiter and moon to be in.Considering the house placement, Gemini is 5th house for Aquarius ascendants. So mixed results will be indicated.
Another Example is Lord Rama, who  had this combination of Jupiter and Moon resulting in this Yoga  in his first house in Cancer. He was born Cancer ascendant and for Cancer ascendants ,Jupiter is second most beneficial planet after Mars. When Jupiter is in Cancer it gets exalted and Moon will be in its own house. Hence it is the best occurrence of GajKesari Yoga. Hence Lord Rama was Purushottama - the greatest man. The most beneficial GajKesari Yoga occurs in 1st house of Cancer Ascendant people.
Hence we need to consider all of these to judge how beneficial this Yoga would be.

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