Monday, 27 October 2014


Most of the people are not aware that 8th house also represents wealth.                                       
We all know  2nd house is the  only house of wealth ( your family assets ,and your bank balance or the money that you  save with your own efforts or your parents money),  the 2nd house  represents your own  earned wealth  and  8th house represents unearned wealth  , as  7TH house is for others and 2nd house is wealth so 2nd from 7th house represent wealth or money or assets of others which is 8th house . 
8th house represents wealth of one's spouse, dowry, inheritance, money from other person, insurance, Wealth from underground like Hidden Treasures.  Dowry is your in-laws earned money not earned by you with your own efforts similarly inheritance also its others money or asset so 8th house represent unearned money.
Being 11th from 10th, it also indicates money earned from govt such as pension, bonus .It could be money from occult practices.
2nd house gives direct money - with efforts, as per expectation, income by self efforts.
8th house gives indirect money - without efforts, beyond imaginations, income by others' efforts.

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