Thursday, 20 November 2014


1. Rahu in a chart gives sudden gains or loss , it  can make a person a King or Beggar  unexpectedly  and all of  a sudden. Rahu can change anything into ashes within  seconds, it can change a person's destiny within a fraction, Rahu is  like a magician .
2. Rahu is a Chaya Graha (invisible planet) so whether it’s good or bad luck it will come in a silent  and sudden manner. Like for Mark Zuck of Facebook who suddenly got sound wealth, money gains through internet, it  is the effect of  invisible planet Rahu , Osho  also  enjoyed sound wealth because of  Rahu placed in 11th house in his chart.
3. Rahu indicates fraud people, thieves, terrorists and rule breakers .
4. Rahu rules the pleasures of this world, which means only Rahu can give a person high amount of pleasures of this world because  it’s a  planet of illusions. Rahu is the magician of God to trap us in this earthly world.
Rahu  is generally good in Upchaya house those are 3rd, 6th,10th and 11th  house


  1. my lagna is leo and rashi is aquarius ... rahu placed in 5th house (saggitarius) and jupiter in lagna having 5th vision on rahu .... any clues ?????

  2. Though rahu is in bad placement and destroying the 5th house but 5th lord jup well placed and blessing the 5th house which its own sign by 5th aspect which making ur dosha nullified, wherever jup aspects or sits its blesses so double time ur 5th house blessed so rahu in 5th house is ok in ur case

  3. if jupiter is nullifying effects of rahu .. why do i have a problems in stomache and studies ?? any clues

    1. D24 chart needed to see deeply to know about ur education ,4th house also play important role in ur education as its represents academic education

  4. Sir my lagnam is thulam and I have rahu in 5 th house in aquarius in shatabisha nakshayra 2nd pada and lord of the sign saturn os in 3 rd house and is aspecting rahu. I my rahu dasa started from 2010 jan intially for 2.5 yrs own antardasa it has given good results after that from jupiter antarasa problems started currently I am in saturn antardasha I lost my job 3 times kindly tell me about the remaining dasa.