Tuesday, 30 September 2014


Generally Mars + Venus combination is bad for marriage life/relationships. This combination is yoga of playboy means it will give excessive or over sexual energies. But I have seen lot of charts which have this combination and their marriage life is going well. Now the question is “Why their marriage life is going fine even when they have this bad combination?? “
The answer is, we should see lordship of those combination of planets and degree etc and especially d9 chart then only we should conclude about marriage life of anyone and not based on one single combination such as Mars + Venus or Venus + Moon. 
Very important thing is Mars &Venus stay 1 month approximately in each sign. So, does that mean whoever is born in that month will have bad marriage life?? Absolutely NO!!
For marriage we need to see 7th house after that 2nd house( marriage bring changes in to ur family),5th house for romance ,kids etc,8th house for in-laws, family of ur spouse, sexual life etc after that navasma(d9) chart . After analysing all these stuff very carefully we should come with conclusion on marriage life.
One astrologer was saying that Salman Khan image and status is spoiled because of this combination only. This is again wrong as I have already said Mars &Venus stay 1 month approximately in each sign. That doesn’t mean that image and status of whoever is born in that month would be spoiled.
Image does not depend on Mars + Venus combination, it depends on 5th, 7th, 10th houses. My question to that astrologer is “if Mars and Venus combination really spoils the career then how come Salman Khan has achieved a super star status?? If his Mars+ Venus is the reason behind him being defamed then how come he again became star and getting lot of hits from 2007 onwards??” And if what he said is true then millions of people will suffer with image spoil. Reason behind Salman Khan failure/success is his dasa/transits etc not this combination itself.
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