Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Shahrukh Khan and His career

Today I am going to give my analysis on Shahrukh Khan’s Chart and his career.
Shahrukh Khan is India’s biggest Superstar and has a very huge fan following. In order to be a Superstar one must have blessing of Saturn as it represents mass people. One must have a strong 3rd house and 5th house as 3rd house is for acting skills while 5th house shows ones creativity and acting skills. But   with these 8thhouse isalso very important in any celebritieschart. It’smy observation and even great astrologers like Kapiel Raaj and Vaughan Paul Manley mentioned same things. RajaniKanth became super star in his 8thLord dasha, again Amitabh Bachhan has three planets in 8th house,it makes a person Superstar. 8th house is important as it allows the person to do something unusual when having connection with his career. So generally movies which have storyline different from the usual movies are a big hit.
Let’s discuss about 8th lord inShahrukh Khan’s chart
8th lord(Jupiter) is aspecting 3rd house as well as 3rd lord Venus also,  as I told earlier 3rd  house is relating to acting skills which is influenced by 8th lord , after 3rd house  5th house is most important as it represents creativity ,8th lord Jupiter itself is a 5th lord and aspecting 5th house  . After 3rd and 5th houses we need to see 10th lord (as its career house) which is ruled by Venus and Jupiter is aspecting Venus. 8th lord Jupiteris also aspecting  both 7th house and 7th lord.This is very important point because  as  KN Rao said ‘ 7th house is position giver’ because 10th from 10th house is 7th house(bavath bavam) ,and the 7th lord is Saturn which is planet of mass people and is very important for any celebrity to attain fame from huge number of people as well as 7th house too  represents large number of people ,Moreover 8th lord Jupiteris also aspecting Sun .
Now let’s discuss why he got fame in his Jupiter dasha.
Shahrukh Khan rose to fame in his Jupiter Mahadasha which is 8th lord itself, he became popular in the 8th lord dasha itself only and the period of Jupiter dasha was from 1992 to 2008. This period gave him tremendous success and he became a Superstar. He is Leo ascendant and for Leo ascendant Jupiter is 5th lord and is in the 11th house. In D9 chart Jupiter is in Sagittarius in its Mooltrikona Sign. So 5th Lord in 11th house is very beneficial. In d10 chart Jupiter is getting Viparitha Raja yoga ( 12th lord in 8th house)
His Jupiter Dasha was over in May 2008 and he is running through Saturn Dasha since then. Now let’s analyze his Saturn Dasha. Saturn is going to give him mixed kind of results. Actually Saturn is not well placed in his chart .Saturn being the 6th lord is situated in 7th house.
Since his Saturn Dasha started, though his movies are blockbuster but fans are not completely satisfied because they are not as great as moviesDDLJ or Chak DeIndia. He got name and wealth because whenever Jupiter aspects any house or planet then it blesses it. Jupiter is karaka of wealth and is also the 5th lord. 5th house is for speculative business and so, he is getting maximum return from his investments. 5th house is for name and fame so he still has that name and fame and he is still ruling the top position but the problem is that his movies are not as great as they used to be.
Let us analyze his D10 chart and find out why he ended up as India’s No. 1 Superstar.
He has Capricorn rising in his D10 chart and his ascendant lord Saturn is in 7th house which is a house of mass people and public life. Hence he got mass appreciation to such a great extent. Saturn is lord of 1st and 2nd house hence he has a strong will and stubbornness towards his career. Saturn being 2nd lord gave him so much wealth through his career.
Again Saturn is aspecting his Mars and Moon which are his 11th lord and 7th lord respectively. Saturn is aspecting 11th lord and 7th lord by 10th aspect. Hence   it is a very clear indication that he would rise to fame and mass appreciation.
So this is my analysis of Shahrukh Khan’s career and why he rose to fame and ended up being India no. 1 actor.

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