Monday, 20 April 2015

Rajinikanth’s chart and his career

Well you all know “Rajinikanth” the great Superstar and today I am going to analyze his career through his D10 chart.
Rajinikanth’s career in film industry began in his Rahu Mahadasha and then got tremendous success and fan following in his Jupiter Dasha. Initially in the Rahu MahaDasha, he suffered and had problems but in his Rahu-Mercury antardasha he got entry in the film industry.
First of all let us analyze his 1st house lord and 10th house lord in D10 chart.
He has Aquarius rising in his D10 chart hence Saturn is 1st Lord and is placed in 6th House. In spite of  the Ascendant Lord being placed in 6th house, its beneficial for him. As Saturn is a malefic planet and as said:
“Papah papa gathaha subhaha”i.e. When a malefic planet occupies malefic house it behaves as benefic and gives good results.
Secondly, Saturn is 12th lord also and 12th lord being placed in 6th house creates in Vipreet Raaj Yoga.Hence it is very well placed in his chart and thus would give him good results.
Thirdly, Venus being 4th lord and 9th lord is the Yoga Karaka it aspects Saturn from the 12th House which is a very good position. Moon which is the 6th lord is aspecting Saturn but it’s still good for him. The reason is that moon is not bad for him as it is placed in 12th house and hence creating a Vipreet Raaj Yoga.
He is a Superstar but at the same time very spiritual. Saturn Dasha gave him tremendous success and hits but it also gave him health issues too.
Venus is 9th lord and 9th house is about religious activities and 4th house is also about Meditation. In his Rashi Chart, Saturn is with Ketu which is about spirituality and religion. That is why he got so spiritual in his Saturn Dasha.
But Again, the question is “Why did he get so many problem and controversies related to his career in his Saturn Dasha?” The answer is Saturn is aspected by sixth lord Moon which is about conflicts.
Again, He got tremendous success in his Jupiter Dasha so what’s the reason behind that.
In D1 chart,Jupiter is his 5th lord and 5th house is all about creativity and self expression and his 5th lord is placed in 7th house. 7th house is about how you deal with people and about public life. Hence Jupiter Maha Dasha gave him tremendous fame. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and lord of 5th house is in 7th house. Therefore, his creative style received  fame worldwide. He rules millions of hearts with his unique acting style. His unique acting style is characterized by a trademark gesture: flipping a cigarette in the air and catching it in his mouth, Dialogue delivery, performance, gestures, mannerisms and tricks. All his ways of expression are very fast and comes due to Mars aspect on his 1st house.  He does them so fast that a normal person won’t be able to do it. He even has fan following in Japan and China.
In his D10 chart, Jupiter is in 3rd house of Aries so his dialogue delivery was very quick and logical thought provoking
His movie ‘Robot’ released on 1st Oct 2010 and was tremendously successful. It was the biggest hit and a blockbuster. He was then running through his Moon Antardashawhich is 6th lord in his D10 chart and is placed in 12th house creating ‘Vipreet Raja Yoga’. Hence it gave him unexpected success. After Baasha (1995) it is his 2ndmost important film in his career.
Right now he is under going through his Saturn- Rahu Antardasha which is giving him professional problems and his two movies- Kochadaiiyaan and Linga didn’t  work well. As Rahu is in 8th house in his D1 chart and is debilitated in his D10 chart in 10th house.
FUTURE PREDICTIONS FOR RAJNI KANTH: After 2016 June onward he will again gain tremendous fame and success as well as give hits like ‘Robot’ again. But if we see deeply then from 2017 June to 2018 March is a very good period for him. He will give unexpected hits like Robot and Baasha again.
It’s my analysis of Rajinikanth’s D10 chart and his career. Hope you enjoyed it.

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