Sunday, 6 January 2013


For cancer ascendant Venus and Sun combination is Dhana yoga,It will give person good fixed assets especially Lands.Venus is 11th lord sun is 2nd lord ,when 2nd and 11th lords are combine its called as dhana yoga.venus is 4th lord too and sun is 2nd That’s the reason this combination can have more powers to give lands especially.Learners misunderstand that it may be combustion so it could be bad and venus is spoiled and love life,marriage life may be bad .No its wrong.For cancer ascendant Venus+Mars or Venus+Sun in good house such as 2nd ,5th,6th,7th,10th,9th,11th house especially 2nd and 11th will be gives powerful dhana yoga.
I wanna post this kind of depth ,different and useful posts instead of posting daily sun sign or different planets in different signs those are common thing for all whose born in particular planet in particular sign

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