Monday, 11 February 2013


Usually , 7th house in the birth chart represents marriage , however to analysis multiple relationship or marriages in birth chart we to consider some other houses. Like to evaluate 2nd marriage , we have to consider 2nd house in birth chart because after 7th house, it is the 2nd house which is the most important house to determine marriage . The reason behind this is that 2nd house represents the Kutumbh stana (family) and that after marriage the person has to take family responsibility and eventually your family will increase.

Further, from 7th house, 2nd house is 8th which represents extra affairs (so extra marriage )and from 2nd 7th house is 6th which represents divorce .,so break up in 1st marriage by giving divorce can see by 2nd house.

To evaluate 3rd Marriage and so on we have to consider 6th house and 6th from 6th house is 11th house ,so 11th house not only represents multiple things such as divorce, multiple marriages or relationships.

In addition to above houses , we have also consider 9th house ,a house of dharma (house of ehitcs )and in India we consider marriage is a duty towards god or dharm it means this person has done some unehtical stuff in past life and also 9th house is 11th from 11th house it shows higher gains and multiple relationships or marriages.

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