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RAHU&KETU'S 3rd and 11th ASPECTS(new research)

In this article I am going to discuss about the special aspects of Rahu and Ketu i.e. 3rd and 11th aspect with an example chart .   Mr Sunil from Saptarishi Astrology shared this divine knowledge on Kapiel Raaj channel(no1 astrology channel ) And Sage Pullipanni sidhi invented this new aspect of Rahu and Ketu . Initially I didn’t believe this concept but again when I applied this principle on many charts, I found it working perfectly.
Example1: Mother passed away at the age of 25:
Birth Details: April 7th 1987 time of birth 5:01 a.m. Pune, India

The native is born in Aquarius ascendant and Mother is represented by 4th house and Moon.  4thlord Venus is well placed in 1st house and conjunct mercury which is 5th lord creating Kendrakonaadhipati Yoga.Nowlet’s observe 4th house which has Mars and is aspected by Saturn. So some may say that Mars is a malefic so it’s placedin 4th house of Mother ButMars rules one Kendra house (10th) and is disposited inanother Kendrahouse (4th). So, it is a good placement. Again some may say Saturn is 12th lord and is aspecting 4th house. But again we can see that Saturn is 1st lord too and is desposited in 10th house which is a good position for Saturn (Saturn does well in upachaya houses -3rd, 6th, 10th, 11th). So Saturn aspect on 4th house is not that bad, then the question is why her mother passed away at early age all of sudden.
Here if we apply Rahu’s 3rd aspect principle, then we can see that Rahu in 2nd house of Pisces is throwing its 3rd aspect on 4th house and destroying it.Rahu in 2nd house of family and conjunct 2nd lord (Jupiter) is transmitting the energy of 2nd house to 4th house through its 3rd aspect. So it clearly indicatesthat a family members of her would die especially mother as there is a connection of 4th house with 2ndhouse in a negative way due to Rahu’s 3rd aspect. Again Ketu is aspecting Moon from its 11th aspect and Moon is natural signification of mother.Rahu and Ketucauses sudden events and hence caused sudden death to her mother
Remember Divisional charts are very important so after D1 chartanalysis we should look at into D-12 chart as it’saboutparents. For mother we need to look at the condition of 4th house and also Moon from the D12 Ascendant.  The D-12 chart has Sagittarius rising and Jupiter is 4th lord and it is well placed in 9thhouse. So we must say or conclude that mother should be alive andhave a happy life. But how come she died? In this case special aspects of Rahu giving us perfect reason behind her Mother’s death so let’s discuss about it deeply...In D12’s chart Rahu is in the 11th house and aspecting 4th lord Jupiter through 11th aspect. We also need to check 4th house from the moon in D-12 to get more details about Mother. From Moon Libra is the 4th house and its lord Venus is being placed in the 9th house is again aspected by Rahu.
Her mother’s sudden death happened during her Mercury mahadasha and Ketu’s Antardasha. We can see Mercury is well placed in Aquarius and even Ketu does not have any strong connection with 4th  lord or house. But Ketu in virgo and aspecting moon with its 11th aspect is on moon who is karaka for mother.
Her mother died on September 2012,during this time Ketu was transiting through her 4th house i.e Taurus and Ketu throwing 3rd aspect on transits Venus which was in cancer during that time period.Venus is the 4thlord from both her ascendant and moon sign as well and Ketu activating the 4th house and also Aspecting the 4th lord caused this unexpected bad event in her life. Just few minutes before death her mother was allright she didn’t have any health issues .So generally  sudden kind of deaths are indicated by Rahu and Ketu only .
CONCLUSION: So in this case without using Rahu Ketu’s 3rd and 11th aspect we can’t get reason behind why her mother died at early age and suddenly .She was just 25 years old when her mother died .Hence Rahu and Ketu have 3rd and 11th aspects working fine and giving accurate results.
EXAMPLE 2: Married to a person who had married to many women
Here are the birth details: May 14th 1985, 5:20pm, Hyderabad

This girl got married to a guy who was already married and she didn’t know about it before marriage and wasin a big trap.
The native is Libra ascendant and Aries is her seventh house. When we analyze her chart we can see that Rahu is in her seventh house and 7th lord Mars is in 8th House.  Rahu in 7th house  can indicate that the guy had lots of affairs outside marriage.
Let us analyze her D9 chart to know the actual scenario regarding her married life. 1st house and 7th house in D9 chart for marriage from both ascendant and Moon sign in d9. In her D9 chart, the native is Capricorn rising,she has her 1st lord Saturn in 7th house in Cancer which is its enemy sign. Here Jupiter is also placed which is blessing the 7th house as is a natural benefic. So 1st first lord Saturn in 7th house here is neutralized as Saturn gets Digbala in 7th house. Again Jupiter is exalted here in cancer and 7th lord Moon is in its own sign Cancer. So generally if you take a look at overall condition of the 7th house then we can say that no such major problem is indicated. Minor trifle is indicated in married Life.
Then the question is why did the Guy cheated her badly. The reason we can get to know if we apply Rahu and Ketu‘s Special aspects i.e. 3rd and 11th aspects Ketu is debilitated and is  aspect on the 7th house and 7th lord moon by its 3rd aspect . Ketu is also aspecting the 1st lord Saturn 1st house also important as its 7th from 7thhouse. Rahu in 11th house is aspecting 1st house through its 3rd aspect.
Let’s analyze from moon sign, Cancer is moon sign in d9 chart so Capricorn is the 7th house from Moon and is being aspected by Rahu through 3rd aspect. The seventh lord from Moon is Saturn which is again aspected by Ketu. Hence the aspects are being confirmed many times and so we can conclude that Rahu and Ketu’s aspect on the 1st and 7th lord caused the trouble in her married life.
Conclusion: from this example chart we can see Rahu Ketu special aspects working fine.Here important thing is this gal was cheated by her her husband very badly even he abused her both physically and mentally in very ‘unusual ‘way which I can’t explain more,as it’s her private life  but  I can say her marriage life is the  worst ,which I never seen before ,So these  bad and unusual things are related to Rahu Ketu only

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  3. I would like to know if Rahu and Ketu aspect 3rd and 11th as well as 5th and 9th or does it aspect only 3rd and 11th?