Monday, 2 March 2015

Vipreeta Raaj Yoga

The word, Viparita, in Sanskrit means the "unexpected". This is a special kind of Raaj Yoga that happens with dushana houses (Malefic houses) i.e. 6th, 8th and 12th lord.  This Yoga occurs when 6th lord is in 8th or 12th house or 8th lord is in 6th or 12th house or the 12th lord is in 6th or 8th house.
This Yoga gives unexpected and immensefavorable results. A Raaj Yoga is considered a Supreme Yoga which fulfills ones hopes and wishes. A Vipreeta Raaj Yoga gives more than expected results which is sudden and beyond expectation. It gives unexpected good results like a person may be expecting one lakh bucks profitin his business and instead one lakh bucks profit he will get 2 lacks bucks. But this Yoga may also give sudden bad result too like you may lose a dear ones after couple of months of receiving tremendous good results. In some cases it only gives good results while in some cases there may be constant up and down in a person’s life.
The result of this yoga depends on ascendant, lordship,conjunction,placement and aspects. In some cases it will give only good results while in some it may give both good and bad results.

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