Saturday, 6 September 2014

CANCELLATION OF EXALTATION or UCCHA BHANGA YOGA ( very important topic but most ignored topic by learners)

As we know Neecha Banga yoga  improves the significance of the debilated planet .For example if Saturn  is debilated in Aries which means Saturn is badly placed ,but this bad effect will be reduced if Sun is also placed in same sign(ie Aries) ,and we say Saturn has got Neecha Banga(cancellation of debiliation) but here we are considering only Saturn’s condition but not Sun’s . Here sun is loosing its exalted power to some extent due to debilitation Saturn combination in same sign. Here Sun is in the condition of Uchcha banga yoga which means cancelation of exaltation.
So when any exalted and debilated planets combines in same house then exalted planet get Uchcha banga definitely.
One more example is when Jupiter and  Mars are combined in Cancer, here Jupiter is exalted, Mars is debiliated so generally Astrologers say that your Mars got Neecha banga with Jupiter but they ignore the bad impact on Jupiter due to debilated Mars. People always observe Neecha banga when any planet get debiliated and if it combines with Uchcha(exalted) but never consider about degradation/disturbance to Uchcha planet because of Neecha planet which combines with exalted planet .


  1. I read that the debility of a particular planet in D9 cancels its exaltation in D1. Kindly elucidate

  2. my qwestion is if saturn in tulaa raasi uchcha and sun in mesha raasi uchcha that is to say sama saptakam7/7
    and since both are enemies what will be the impact on horoscope and future for midhuna langnam

    planetary position
    lagnam midhuna
    tula saturn/vruschikam kuja and kethu/guru in dhanur
    sun moon sukra budha in mesha raasi and rahu in vrushavha raasi
    vakra saturn/ vakra budha/vakra kuja and vakra kethu
    and vakra guru