Thursday, 9 January 2014

Navmasha & How to analyze marriage and deep strength of planet.

Navmasha occupies a vital significance in Indian astrology, by far being the most important divisional chart . 'Navamsa' is the one ninth of a division [1/9], referring to one out of nine divisions. As a divisional chart of an individual horoscope, navamsa is supposed to be the ninth division of a particular rashi or sign, in which each division can be further broken into three degrees and twenty minutes. It is very important to bear in mind that while interpreting Navmasha we should give more importance to Rashi’s and not to the placement of planets in  different house.
Navmasha chart is more importantly used to analyze following :
1.            Determine the inner or true strength of a natal palnet.
2.             Analyze a person’s marriage prospects
Determine the true strength of planet

Planets weaken position in natal chart  but if t is well placed in navamsha will give favourable results. Often we hear that debilitated Jupiter will give a bad result, however it is not  true. We have to evaluate the condition of debilitated Jupiter in Navmasha to ascertain its actual condition and result.  For a cancer ascendant girl  debilitated Jupiter will not give a bad marriage, Jupiter is exalted in Navmasha it implies marriage will give mix results .Therefore  prediction should always be made in context of birth chart , navmasha.

Analyze a person’s marriage prospects
To analyze person’s married life or spouse we have to consider  Navmasha. While reading Navmasha chart we have to consider following factors:
a.       Where the seven lord position of natal chart is placed in Navmasha
b.     We have to consider the position of Jupiter for girl and position of Venus in the boys chart.
c.       We have to consider the position of 1st lord of  Navamasha


  1. in my navamsa .. 7th lord saturn is deblitated in navamsa in 6th house and sir their is mars in lagna scorpio and ketu in 11th house leo that creates a papkartri yoga as mars and rahu are infront of each other that means no pleasures of 12th house ?