Thursday, 16 August 2012


 1.7th lord in 2nd is 6th from 7th house, doesn't  means 7th lord is weak?

Nope its not weak at all,for ex: 10th lord in 9th house is raja yoga .But 9th house is 12th from 10th house ,so is it bad ?no not all , always good yoga . so don't think that 7th lord in 2nd house is bad,but in my exp i seen in few cases its giving bad results reason behind is not cuz of ur logic,its cuz of some other stuff like other planets aspects, and d9 chart play key role in it.

2. Hi sir,I read  7th lord in 3rd house can result in loss of children.. how come? And wats the reason behind it and is it true?

I dont agree,,From 3rd house 7th house is 5th house ,may be thats the reason,but its not applicable for all ascendant,for ex:for cancer saturn in 3rd house good for both marriage life and children .like that for some asc its not applicable.


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